Digital Projects by Alyaxey Yaskevich

Real Projects

Persona Feb 2021 – Jun 2021, Feb 2024 – Mar 2024 NodeJS ExpressJS VueJS PostgreSQL ElementPlus Github link
Web application for digital prosopography – gathering and presenting data about life events of creative persons. This project was developed for research group of history of literature scholars working on the study of the oeuvre of the Nobel Prize laureate Boris Pasternak. However, it is not tailored in any way to a specific person. As for now, it fits to a writer

Semanticon Dec 2020 – Jan 2021, Nov 2023 – Dec 2023 NodeJS VueJS PostgreSQL Primevue Github link
The application for annotating and presenting peculiar language units - discours formulas and routines. It was started in terms of the activities of the Construction Grammar Researcg Group led by Professor Ekaterina Rakhilina. First version was customized for Russian Discourse Formulae project, implemented at the School of Linguistics of the NRU HSE (funded in terms of Corpus2.0 project) in early 2021. I processed the data from sophisticated CSV source with different types of microannotation, put it into PostgreSQL database and built the interface with Vue 3 (Composition API) and Primevue UI components library. It was my first experience with JavaScript reactive framework. In 2023 I changed the project, so that it could be deployed as a set of static files (no need for database backend) and extended it for routines

Elemental Jan–Feb 2018, Feb–May 2020, Nov–Dec 2021, 2022, 2023 NodeJS Express.js VueJS PostgreSQL NaiveUI Github link
Web-platform for annotating texts and adding deeply structured comments to the text spans. The initial idea behind the project was to made UI that allows to tag maximum of tokens with minimum of clicks. The prototype was written in JQuery and SQLite and during further development the project migrated to Vue3 and PostgreSQL tech stack.
In the late 2021 I started to develop functions for adding comments to tokens, which changed the development direction of the platform closer to a toolset for making not very sophisticated critical digital editions.
As for today, transition to PostgreSQL is done, while reimplementing with Vue the tagging tokens feature (its initial version is presented in the screenshot ←) is still in the backlog.

Signs July 2021, 2022, 2023 NodeJS ExpressJS VueJS PostgreSQL NaiveUI Python Github link
WIP. Platform for collecting and managing visual text-based content – everything that is related to symbolic communication in a society. Conceptually, it is a tool for building a corpus of microtexts.

Runa April – October 2021 NodeJS VueJS PostgreSQL Primevue D3.js Github link
Experimental prototype of the new user interface and API of the National Corpus of Russian Language funded in terms of Corpus 2.0 project.

Corpus of Russian inscriptions 2020 NodeJS ExpressJS Perl JQuery SQLite Google API SCSS Bulma Github link
This is ambitious DH platform for historians and archeologists related to Russian History. The most of the work on bootstrapping the development was importing structured data from different sources (Google Spreadsheets and Microsoft Word files) into a database. After that, I built an UI to access the content.

Gardariki 2019 NodeJS ExpressJS Strapi JQuery Leaflet.js PostgreSQL Wikipedia API OpenStreetMap Materialize.CSS
The guide on Belarusian cities which were granted with the privillege to self-govern by Magdeburg Law. The development was started in September of 2019 and completed in February 2020. My tasks were project design, backend and map development, data processing and management of filling up the data base via UI by specialists. The landing pages (root pages of the project – both for Belarusian and English), castle icon representing a city on a map, and content were provided by other participants.
In 2023 I changed the project, so that it could be deployed as a set of static files (no need for database backend)

Annotatrix [bug fixes, feature implementation] 2019 NodeJS Github API Bootstrap Gulp SQLite Github link
The web tool for annotation of syntactic corpora. I implemented Github API interaction (storing data in users repositories), cleaned UI and fixed a number of bugs. While adding logging feature, I implemented new function in pinojs logger (PR)

The Heraldry of the Republic of Belarus 2017 JQuery Isotope
The web-service contains information about flags and coats of arms of Belarusian cities and administrative units. It is official publication of this dataset, provided by the Ministry of Justice. CSV sources were processed with Perl and converted into JSON

Belarusian Settlements of 18–21st centuries 2016 Perl Grunt JQuery Leaflet.js SQLite Materialize.CSS
Reference Database on places which are mentioned in archival documents and official registries and are related to the territory of modern Republic of Belarus. The web-service is intended to provide initial data to people who are going to look for historical stuff about their relatives in local archives.

Old Polish Glossary 2016 Perl RegExp SQLite JQuery PureCSS Github link
Learner’s Etymological Dictionary of Old Polish language. The main task was the processing of garbled PDF file which was only electronic source of the data. After that was completed, I built minimal web UI to allow users to access the content. In November 2020 I rewrote backend code, replacing Perl with NodeJS (to unify deployment processes on my servers).

Toy Projects

Geodis May 2023 NaiveUI VueJS Github link
Tool for geocoding place names and disambiguating (resolving) the variants. The geocoding is performed via OpenStreetMap API

Digicat Feb 2023 Primevue VueJS Github link
The experimental UI for the Catalog of Digital Scholarly Editions. Original project is created by Patrick Sahle.

Microtop Jan 2022 Primevue VueJS Github link
The lightweight UI for the bibliography of Belarusian microtoponymy (names of local landmarks). The data were collected by Vadzim Shkliaryk.

Noto Jan 2022 Primevue VueJS SQLite Github link
Just an app for taking notes

Folio Oct 2020 Mustache.js NodeJS Express.js Bulma Github link
This is a page generator which built the page you are observing now. It is compiled from JSON via Mustache.js template rendering engine. You can have the page about your projects like this, you need only fill JSON structure with your data

Topos 2015 Perl JQuery D3.js
My project of research of Belarusian place names (toponymy). It was my project in terms of the course in infographics and data visualization conducted by Vadim Shmygov

Vectores.js 2018 NodeJS Express.js JQuery
The big project on visualization of semantic vector models. It includes Python module, lightweight browser UI, and Python backend server that provides API to access models.

Toolset for character encoding Nov 2018 NodeJS Express.js JQuery mini.css Github link
Language-related web tools which are could be of use for a linguist: Belarusian and Russian Romanization for Academic Use, as well as Unicode character info

Predictability Apr 2020 Mustache.js mini.css D3.js JQuery Github link
Landing page for research project comparing predictions made by language models and real humans. It shows animated chart and provides ability to customize downloaded dataset

International Congress of Slavists Aug 2013 Perl JQuery JQuery UI SQLite
Program of the Congress that took place in Minsk, in 2013. The content was extracted from Microsoft Word file (doc) and put into SQLite database, then I built simple UI

Aleph 2016 JQuery PureCSS Github link
App to train your skills in reading characters of different alphabets. Usually, knowledge of the writing system is one of the strongest barriers to learn a language, especially is an alphabet is very different from one of your native language.

Cities of Poland Jun 2017 Perl JQuery Leaflet SQLite Github link
Simple web-tool for quick search for patterns in place names of Polish cities and villages. Data were extracted from OpenStreetMap database (by May 29, 2017). In November 2020 I rewrote backend code, replacing Perl with NodeJS (to unify deployment processes on my servers).

115BEL May 2017 D3.js Github link
Made at the Open Data Lab event (May 20th, 2017). Analysis of distribution of issues opened on 115BEL web-service (municipal service monitoring): addresses of the issues were classified by a city district.

Keyboard Transliteration 2009 Vanilla JS Sen CSS Github link
On-the-fly translation of key pressings of Russian keyboard layout to their corresponding Belarusian letters. Perhaps, the oldest project of ones worth to be published here.

Milavitsa 2009 D3.js Github link
Visualization of the origins of songs and dances from the repertoire of authentic folklore collective “Milavitsa”.

GreenMap April-July 2017 Leaflet.js Github link
Importing GreenMap data from weird homemade key value storage built-in into online shop CMS


Phoenicia Jan 2018 Leaflet.js QGIS Github link
For my collegue who teaches Phoenician and other ancient Semitic stuff

ByNet Servers Dec 2016 D3.js Github link
Simple clusterization visualization made with minimal data processing effort at first AI Hackathon in Minsk, High Tech Park (17-18.12.2016). It shows distribution of web servers (as applications) that were deployed in Belarusian segment of Internet (i.e. national domain zone BY)

Paulinka Github link
Simple visualization of play “Paulinka” written by Janka Kupala in 1912

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